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Dr. Sturgill has grown what was an established orthodontic practice into one of the most thriving practices in the region. His ability to grow a practice wasn't by accident; rather, a focus on culture, systems, and marketing led to his success.

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Sturgill Consulting

Sturgill Consulting was created to help fellow orthodontists thrive in today’s market. At Sturgill Orthodontics our unique office culture has led to growth year after year.

Dr. Sturgill provides insight into his team-centered leadership style that promotes clinical efficiency and a positive patient experience.

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What We Offer

Cultivating your ideal practice is a hands-on task and it isn’t one we take lightly. We value the opportunity to work with you and your team to turn potential into patients. Here’s what we offer:

Behind the Scenes LookBring your entire team to our office where we will show you the magic of Sturgill Orthodontics.

In-Office ConsultingWe’ll come to you for an in-person consulting appointment. This gives us the chance to see how you do things and help fine-tune your process.

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How We Help

Case Acceptance

Case Acceptance

Increase case starts with our effective growth strategies making same day starts part of your daily routine.

Business Development

Business Development

Improve communication and scheduling strategies.

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Office Culture

Create a unique office culture that makes you a staple in your community.

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Dr. Sturgill's easy to follow systems and individualized support has enabled my practice to grow 20% year over year.

I have been able to develop processes to continually "wow" the patient families from the front office call, treatment coordinating room,  and all the way through until debond.  He and his team have mastered creating the ultimate patient experience.  He was also able to help me learn how to properly coach and motivate my team in order to gain efficiency in the clinic and administrative support.  The individualized consulting helped me define my why and grow a positive practice culture that fit my personality.  His methods and practices not only grew my practice, but decreased my overall stress.  He will be there to walk you through tough decisions and celebrate your wins.  I am so grateful for his mentorship and how much it has helped the practice and family life.

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Steve Haverkos DMD MSD
Haverkos & Reddy Orthodontics

From the very beginning, Dr. Sturgill’s mentorship has been instrumental to my practice acquisition and transition.

I had the great fortune to work with Dr. Jeremiah Sturgill starting in 2020. I was an orthodontic resident at Virginia Commonwealth University at the time, but I was working toward purchasing a practice right out of residency and wanted a mentor to ask questions my full-time faculty could not answer. 

From the very beginning, Dr. Sturgill’s mentorship has been instrumental to my practice acquisition and transition. Early pieces of advice ranged from explaining the correct business entity, providing transition consultant and lawyer recommendations, discussing insurances needed as a practice owner, providing many vendor contacts (such as payroll and financial planning), opinions regarding marketing and practice logo development, explaining effective relationship development with current employees, and strategic planning for presenting and marketing the transition to current patients. Like many other dental schools and residencies, we did not get a lot of business education within the program. Dr. Strugill explained everything so clearly to me and provided guidance while I was seeking a commercial loan lender. I believe it is incredibly important to have a strong team in place when purchasing a practice and besides my amazing lawyer and transition consultant, having Dr.Sturgill, owner of a thriving orthodontic practice, was invaluable to the process. I felt like I was on top of everything when I was working with him, which gave me so much relief during the inherent stress of graduating and closing on my practice within a 3-week period. 

For many practice owners who have gone through the process, buying the practice is just the tip of the iceberg. The real work comes when you are running it daily and trying to provide excellent clinical orthodontic work, manage staff, and create efficiencies to work flows. After about 10 months of practice ownership, I scheduled a time where I brought five of my essential team members to shadow Dr. Sturgill’s practice in Johnson City. I wish I would have brought them sooner. Once we came back my team was renewed with energy to put into practice what we saw working so well in his office. We updated many processes, from bonding techniques down to our new patient phone call script. The place where I saw almost immediate change was our patient case acceptable rate. After my treatment coordinator and I modified the consult process to mirror Dr. Sturgill’s, our case acceptance went from low 50 percentile to 90 percentile (for this month of May 2022). It is honestly amazing to see how these ‘Sturgill efficiencies’ literally change the game. He’s a great person, wonderful clinical orthodontist, and an amazing business coach and orthodontic practice consultant. I could not recommend him more highly!

Dr. Julia Giardina